Fly to Stanstead airport (or drive) to Colchester Britain's oldest recorded town . Claire and Chris will greet you on arrival. Travel via our extremely comfortable MPV and within the hour be in your luxury hotel.

Expect absolutely the best with Select Events Private Tours. In total comfort, enjoy the first bespoke pre-tour evening presentation including a fun and interesting question and answer sessions with local specialists whilst enjoying pre-dinner drinks and canapes. This followed by a delicious evening meal, a good nights sleep and VIP travel to your destination in the morning after a sumptuous breakfast.

Discover Britain's oldest recorded remarkable and gorgeous town of Colchester or academic beautiful Cambridge with its stunning ancient colleges or, a bit further north for breathtaking Suffolk with is beautiful castles and coastline. Each tour including Ed's "Castle on the Hill" the famous "Sutton Hoo" and of course a bit of 'Boudica'.  We  will give you the trip of  a lifetime with your own private tour guide and our own personal touches. Come with us and meet the real English and learn more about who we are and what makes us tick.  Want more detailed information? Read on. 


As the former capital of Roman Britain, Colchester has many important and unique Roman sites/ruins, With a 2000 year history covering Romans, Normans, Tudors and Victorian's up to the current day - this is just the beginning.  Local 'wool' villages are surrounded by unbelievably beautiful countryside with views that inspired amazing artist such as Constable, Munnings and Turner and are steeped in history. 

East Anglia and Norfolk  is the home of Her Majesty's beloved Sandringham Estate and the warrior queen Boudica.  Select Events Tours will take you on a bespoke private tour of Sandringham as well as the remains of Boudica's capital Caister St Edmunds



Visiting major sites, in Essex like Colchester Castle, the Roman Wall/Guard Room and the Triumphal Arch as well as going further North and West as far as Sandringham and Cambridge .  Did you know for example that Norwich Cathedral was one of the largest surviving Norman working Cathedral's in the United Kingdom? You really cannot have a more interesting, thoughtful and historical tour.


Your personal guide will take you "behind the scenes" to see the private secrets that locals love about East Anglia.  Taking you to 'Ed Sheeran's'  Castle on the Hill, in beautiful ancient Framlingham.  En-route exploring stunning wool towns like Lavenham.  Regarded as one of finest surviving example's of a medieval village used for many film locations, Harry Potter being just one.  Discover ancient Long Melford its antiques, art galleries and magnificent medieval Kentwell Hall to name but a few. 


Come with us and enjoy the unique upmarket places to go and be seen and enjoy the superb historical English Pubs that are off the usual tourist routes.

Select Events Private Tours will take you to the very best locations. to see, stay, eat and indulge including, niche museums and historical neighbourhoods.  There is so much to show you and offer you. click on the links in the menu bar and be transported to real England.

Your private tour customised by Chris and Claire and your personal guide will include exactly what you want to see and do in East Anglia. Take a look at the most popular locations  above and read our drop down menu's regarding the myriad of locations available to you. Better still, drop us an email and we will get in contact with you to discuss the finer details regarding your tour. THERE'S MORE.... READ ON

Do you think the Salem Witch hunts origins are in America?  No, Mr Mathew Hopkins the Witch Finder General is behind a lot of this .. based here in East Anglia he wove his evil path and published books that were taken across the pond! Let us take you to the origins of this gruesome part of history.


Each personally sourced local guide is a specialist in their subject and is passionate about what they do and are keen to show you 'their' patch of historical England.

Spend as little as a week or up to a month or more touring our hidden and amazing part of the UK.  From Suffolk to Unbelievable Cambridgeshire to Towie Essex.


Why not add a few days in London, The City (yes the very one that Boudica torched back in the day) is just an hour away. Your chaperone will give you a fantastic experience. 


Taking the train from East Anglia to 'The Big Smoke' . From The Tower to Buckingham PalaceKnightsbridge, Portabello Road, 'Sloaney' Made In Chelsea and right up to Hampton Court Palace along The Thames arguably the most famous river in the world where Henry VIII enjoyed his best years. 


There is so much to do here.

Looking at schools in England? Then let us book your tour.  We take you to the best schools, give you inside and practical and unbiased knowledge of how it all really works entirely from a parental perspective and an insight of what your children can expect both personally and educationally and at the same time show you the best parts of the local countryside and surroundings from a practical as well as historical English perspective.

Contact Claire or Chris on info@selecteventsplanning.com with a quick brief and leave the rest to us.

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